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Promotional material

Kimichi-it’s school, but not as you know it.

Imagine a classroom where every child learns to play an instrument and music comes first.  Welcome to Birmingham’s Kimichi independent school.

When teacher Sally Alexander realized state schools were treating music education as an afterthought, she decided to set up her own school. Kimichi has enviable links with local orchestras, but there’s no audition process. This isn’t a school for musical prodigies.

How does this work in practice? It’s simple. Alongside the national curriculum, pupils study musical theory and learn to play at least one instrument. Even teaching methods are inspired by the orchestra, where more able players assist the less proficient.

Kimichi’s pupils also take part in a unique LIFE course, aimed at preparing them for life after school. DIY, cooking, budgeting, self-defence, scuba diving, horse riding and self-sufficiency are all on offer.

Sally aims to provide the high quality of education you would expect from a private school, at less cost.  Interested parents should contact the school to ask about scholarships and bursaries.

“It’s so easy for your child to get lost in the state system. Give us a chance and watch your loved one flourish.”

For more information, Call 0121 679 5298 or e-mail  enquiries@kimichischool.co.uk

Leaflet text for Kimichi

Is your child a budding musician? 

Kimichi school offers:

  • Free music lessons
  • Performing opportunities
  • Links with musicians
  • Quality education
  • Small classes
  • LIFE course to prepare them for the future.

 Ofsted rated us “good” in every category!

Call Sally on 0121 679 5298

e-mail enquiries@kimichischool.co.uk

Website content example

The new MINI Clubman

If you love the MINI’s curves but need extra space, the new MINI Clubman could be the car for you. Compared with hatchback models, the Clubman is wider and longer with plenty of leg room, extra storage, and a decent sized boot.

Ease yourself onto the heated driver’s seat and you’ll notice the centre console, with its high-res colour display. This controls entertainment, navigation, music, driving information and apps. On the move, the Clubman is smooth, nippy and responsive. As you drive, the MINI Head-Up Display kicks into action, projecting driving data just below your view of the road.

If parking makes you perspire, the Clubman’s Parking Assistance feature sizes up available spaces before taking charge of the wheel. All you have to do is apply some gentle throttle and brake. The brakes are also activated whenever you stop, park or make a hill start. So there’s no chance of forgetting to apply the handbrake!

With six gears, decent fuel economy and tax set at just £20 a year, the MINI Clubman is stylish, fun to drive and frugal on fuel. According to the Telegraph’s Rebecca Jackson, this model ramps up the quality, without losing that essential MINI magic. Check out her review here:


Example article

Say I do with Fairtrade gold from Cred

Every bride wants their wedding ring to be extra special, but what if you’re passionate about ethically sourced products?  Step forward Cred, the London boutique famed for their beautiful Fairtrade jewellery.

Cred’s story

Cred was already trading in silver when founder Greg visited an Indian mine to see where their raw material came from. What he found was horrific. Women and children were working in 110 degrees of heat with no access to clean water.

Greg’s experience inspired him to set up the Alliance for Responsible Mining. And in 2011, Cred became the first boutique jeweller dedicated to selling ethical jewellery.

Most of Cred’s gold comes from small scale miners at the Sotrami mine in Peru. The miners receive a guaranteed price and an extra premium to invest in their community.

Choosing your ring

So what are Greg’s top tips for choosing the right wedding ring?

“Think about whether you want your ring to match your husband’s and whether you’d like it to coordinate with the engagement ring.”

Lifestyle is another factor. Greg recommends hard-wearing platinum for couples who work in a manual environment. Alternatively consider white gold:

“Our white gold is not rhodium plated, so this means that you will not need to have the colour restored.”

Then there’s shape to think about. A traditional court ring is curved on the outside and the inside for extra comfort. But a flat court is only curved on the outside. Cred can shape your ring to fit around any wide set stones and you can also choose a matte or polished finish.

For that personal touch, why not add an engraved inscription? This could be the date of your wedding, your partner’s name or even a meaningful quote.

Get in touch

If you want your wedding ring to change lives, Cred’s stunning jewellery collections can be viewed at their shops in London and Chichester, or online at http://Credjewellery.com/

Phone  0203 176 7836 for details or to book an appointment.

Direct Mail letter for a charity

Envelope text:

The letter inside this envelope may shock you. But we really need you to open it.

Letter text:

Dear Martin,

Thank you for opening the envelope. We know this letter won’t be an easy read. But as a loyal supporter, we also know you’ll understand why we need to tell the truth about North Korea.

Hea-woo’s story

“When I arrived at the camp, I was shocked by the sign on the gate. It said, do not try to escape. You will be killed.”

32 year old Hea-woo was sent to a North Korean labour camp simply for possessing a bible. For three years, she was forced to work on the land. Each 12 hour day began with a few spoons of rice and ended with an evening of ideological training. The conditions were so severe that many of her fellow prisoners died from disease or were executed.

Despite undergoing torture, Hea-Woo’s faith and determination helped her to survive and after three years she was released, escaping to South Korea. But many of her friends are still suffering the horrors of the North Korean camps.

A prison nation

Of the hundreds of thousands of Christians in North Korea, around 10,000 are held in high security camps or banished to remote villages.

Those who remain are under constant threat of being sent to the camps, tortured or even killed. They can’t leave and they exist on starvation rations.

Secret support network

Open Door’s secret workers risk their own lives to smuggle bibles, medicines, food and clothing to brave North Korean believers. But they can’t do this alone. They need your help.

For every £24 you give, a worker can deliver 3 bibles.  And £41 will pay for emergency food, medicine and clothing for a whole family.

Will you partner with us and give hope to Korean Christians like Hea-Woo?

“I’m astonished that God loves me so much that he uses brothers and sisters I don’t know to support me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

It would be so easy to ignore Hea-woo’s story. To stay at home and practice our faith in safety. But we believe that helping our Christian brothers and sisters is a risk worth taking. We hope you feel the same.

Thank you so much for your support,

Brother Andrew (Founder of Open Doors)

P.S You’ll find more about Hea-Woo’s story at http://www.opendoorsuk.org

 Please give generously so that more people live to tell their story.

Donate at http://www.opendoorsuk.org or call (0)1993 460015.